2020 Indiana Legislative Agenda

2020 ISRSA Legislative Agenda

Find a PDF Printable version of the 2020 ISRSA Legislative Agenda:  2020 Legislative Agenda Indiana Small and Rural Schools

  • In the leadership of Local School Boards made up of engaged citizens closest to the school represent the most invested groups properly-suited to guide the operation of the local school district while making important decisions involving budgets, leadership, curriculum, shared services, cooperative agreements, district organization, and district improvement. (Local Control)
  • The Indiana General Assembly should fully fund new laws and administrative code mandates that required the addition of staff, duties added to current staff, or additional time for a specific state-mandated program, supplementary staff training time, or specific school security procedures and equipment and document the impact on school districts’ local financial resources and staffing requirements.        
  • All Redevelopment Commissions formed in Indiana should include an appointed non-compensated school board member or school board member designee as a voting member representing any school district located wholly or partly within the unit.
  • The General Assembly should NOT adopt any entitlement bill to support Educational Saving Accounts (or similar program) for general education or special education services that incentivizes the withdrawal of students from public schools to access a paid benefit.


  • Legislation and public policy that requires all Indiana schools receiving public funds be required to meet and report the same operational, accountability requirements, academic, and rigorous legal standards while being held to the same equal access requirements public schools are required to follow.  
      -This specifically includes requiring all types of charter schools to comply with all public bid laws. 
    -Purchases and purchase requirements may not be artificially divided so as to constitute a small purchase.
    -Contracts over $50,000 must be documented to the public via the Gateway along with Charter Schools following the same public bid process.
  • Legislation providing full funding or matching funds for Indiana Schools to specifically add School Counselors who can provide needed responsive services for students who have high social and emotional needs as well as to support the implementation of the new graduation pathways.
  • Reinstatement of the small schools grant to help cover the costs of the Graduation Pathways.  Schools cannot control the population density of the community or the assessed value of the district.