ISRSA Members – Comparison of Formula Runs (updated April 29, 2015)

Please use the link below to view information on ISRSA Member results and comparisons from the most recent LSA School Formula run of State Budget Bill – HB 1001 for the General Assembly Conference Committee Report and then both the House and Senate School Funding Formula versions.

A high proportion of small and rural schools in Indiana are negatively affected by the proposed school funding formula from both the House and Senate for the 2016/2017 biennium.

For the ISRSA Membership (56 School Districts):
Students represented:  68,476 (Average 1,282 students per district)
Teachers:                     4,382
Administrators:                369


In the General Assembly CONFERENCE COMMITTEE and final formula:

2016 AND in 2017

Only fourteen (14), 25% of ISRSA member-districts are at or above the
state average (2.3%) increase for 2016 and 2017

Forty-two member-districts (75%) will be funded below
the 2.3% 
state average increase

The file in the link below contains all three versions of the funding formula proposed during the General Assembly Session.  The first set of columns is the House Version, the second set is the Senate Version, the final set of columns (far right) is the Conference Committee Version and the formula expected to be adopted by the General Assembly on April 29.

View the breakdown for all ISRSA Members – Click Here