Meet our Executive Director

  Christopher J. Lagoni
Telephone:  (765) 437-2636

Welcome to the Indiana Small and Rural School Association web-site.

As an organization, we are dedicated to supporting and assisting our small and rural schools of Indiana to succeed in offering outstanding education programs designed to meet the needs of students as they prepare for the world beyond K-12 education.   As an organization wishing to serve our members, the ISRSA wants to hear from our member school districts and those who may consider joining, about how the organization can assist schools in meeting our educational goals.

The ISRSA does not intend to compete with current associations and/or education organizations.  Rather, we will be working in concert with those groups to assist schools in meeting the needs of Indiana students and in carrying the message of the success stories of our Indiana small and rural schools.   In these times of economic challenges, it is important that small and rural schools have a united voice in putting forth the good news about what our schools are providing and accomplishing for both students, their families, and communities.

Our current membership in the Indiana Small and Rural Schools Association includes over a hundred public school districts across our state – from north to south and east to west, all regions of our state are represented.    The districts range in size from 445 students to 4,646 students.  Together, our members represent nearly 100,000 students and over 6,000 teachers and 450 administrators.

The Indiana Small and Rural Schools Association also has over twenty-five corporate and educational partners who have joined in our efforts to share the story of our small and rural schools.

There are many more potential members in our state.  It is our intention to encourage the membership of more schools to increase the voice of rural and small schools across Indiana and to our Indiana lawmakers.
If at any time, you wish to contact me, please do so through one of the following:

Christopher Lagoni,
Executive Director
Indiana Small and Rural Schools Association, Inc.
5514 4 Mile Dr. 
Kokomo, Indiana 46901